LACLJ is committed to advocating on behalf of the nearly 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men who have experienced some form of sexual assault. A lawyer can be a valuable advocate for survivors of sexual assault. In LACLJ’s Teen/LA program, attorneys help young survivors come up with solutions to the challenges they may face in their everyday lives after an assault. Survivors may have to interact with law enforcement and prosecutors. They may need to move, change schools or take time off from work. If they were in a relationship or shared children with the abuser, they may need to obtain a restraining order or address custody matters. The incident may also impact a survivor’s immigration status. For these individuals, LACLJ offers a wide range of civil legal services related to housing, employment, education, privacy, restraining orders and immigration status. Survivors of sexual assault also receive help with understanding and protecting their rights as victims in the criminal justice system. Through this work, we work with sexual assault survivors to promote their security and stability.