Staff Attorney
Domestic Violence Program

Erika Diaz represents survivors of domestic violence primarily in family law matters (such as custody and visitation, divorce, and paternity).

What is domestic violence?
To me, domestic violence exists in any relationship in which one partner makes the other partner feel that they are anything less than a worthy individual deserving of respect, dignity and choice. The results range from serious emotional trauma to death and serious bodily injury.

What do you find most challenging about representing survivors of domestic violence?
It is difficult to personally witness the negative consequences domestic violence has on families and children.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?
It’s rewarding to help clients take their first steps on their path to healing by helping their voices be heard in Court, and to have an awesome group of colleagues and support staff to help me help clients.

What might someone be surprised to know about domestic violence in the context of family law?
Victims of domestic violence, including the children who witness it, are often forced by Courts to have significant contact with the perpetrator of domestic violence.

Share a fun fact about yourself!
I love coloring and watching Justice League cartoons!