Appeal published after teen client is denied protective order

Beverly is a young mother and a survivor of dating violence. She came to LACLJ through our Teen/LA program when she was 18 with her infant child. The father of her child had inflicted physical and mental abuse on her during their relationship and continued to threaten her after they broke up. Beverly feared for her and her child's safety because of the batterer's controlling behavior, so she sought a permanent restraining order.

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A Home Where Her Child Can Thrive

After leaving a violent relationship with her son's father, Beatrice* came to LACLJ to secure custody of her son. For years, she had suffered physical, emotional and verbal abuse, and now her son's father sought to keep Beatrice from her child.

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LACLJ helps reunite immigrant family after a decade apart

LACLJ recently helped Melanie* and her children after nearly a decade of not seeing each other. Facing violent threats to her family's safety, Melanie traveled alone to the United States from Central America nearly 10 years ago. In the United States, Melanie began dating and living with a man who eventually began to severely abuse her, even while she was pregnant with their child.

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