October 2021 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Be an advocate for justice

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During this time we celebrate and honor the survivors we have served and reflect on the ways we can support survivors in need and be advocates for justice.

For many survivors of domestic violence, accessing justice is a long and difficult battle. Navigating an intimidating and often complicated legal system is difficult for a survivor to do on their own.

You can be an advocate for justice by ensuring survivors have an experienced and passionate legal team who will be by their side at every step of the process, fighting for their rights.

Give Today

Make a difference for survivors so they may become free from violence, protect their families, and create more hopeful futures by giving a gift today.


can provide an hour of translation services


can provide an advocate to support a survivor at family mediation


can provide a community advocate to connect survivors to housing, food or mental health services


can provide a legal advocate to protect a victim’s rights in court


can provide attorney representation to a survivor at their restraining order hearing

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