The overturning of Roe v. Wade is devastating to the safety, justice and human rights of the survivors we are called to protect and fight for. This decision strips survivors of their self-determination, and their decision-making power over their own health, well-being and futures.At LACLJ, we hear firsthand the experiences of women who have been coerced in abusive relationships, where they did not have power over their own reproductive health, and the devastating impacts on their emotional, physical and economic well-being.While the clients we serve here in Los Angeles County continue to have access to reproductive healthcare, I am heartbroken for the survivors and people across the country who can no longer decide over their own well-being. The impacts of this ruling will be detrimental for historically marginalized groups who already experience the devastating impacts of inequity, including low-income, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and undocumented immigrants.This fight for equality and human rights can seem endless, but we are resolved in continuing to be an advocate for equity and justice. Every day, I get to work with compassionate, intelligent and inspiring changemakers who deeply believe in fighting for human rights. They give me hope that we will win this fight, and create a safer, more equitable future for us all.  Read more.