Our vision is a strong community where families are safe, stable and free from injustice.


Community — We believe in a shared community where everyone is connected. Our services are driven by a vision of our community that is respectful, supportive, and non-judgmental.

Creating Opportunities — We are committed to providing individuals with the knowledge and tools to overcome barriers and create new opportunities. We believe that investing in personal growth fosters lasting solutions for individuals, their families and the entire community.

Self-Determination — We believe that all individuals have the right to know and understand the impact of their decisions. We are committed to fully supporting them with information and services that are personalized, culturally competent, and understandable, so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Voices for Change — We believe that voices from the community hold the greatest power in challenging inequity and injustice. We seek to amplify these voices in order to advance systemic change and advocate for a legal system that is fair for all.

Courageous Innovation — We believe in finding innovative and creative solutions for the challenges faced by our communities. We confront these problems with passion to create meaningful change.

Excellence — We are committed to providing high quality services with professionalism and integrity.

Collaboration — We find strength in collaborations among staff, clients, and community partners. We believe these relationships are fundamental to achieving transformative impact.