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Hueston Hennigan Teen Project

Group of young people happily embracingAt LACLJ, we recognize that youth face a unique set of barriers when dealing with the legal system. We help protect the rights of teens and young adults whose lives are affected by high-conflict and abusive situations. Young people have a lot on their plate: navigating school, relationships, housing and employment are daily challenges of becoming an adult. Everyday issues like these are even more difficult for young parents and youth experiencing dating violence or sexual assault. These young people are often making complex legal decisions on their own, without being fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.

LACLJ attorneys work alongside young people to protect their rights on a wide range of legal issues and find meaningful solutions in their lives. LACLJ staff provide in-depth legal education so that young people are empowered to make the right decisions for themselves, both inside and outside the courtroom. We also offer young people connections to social service supports that enhance their well-being.