Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. On Thursday, I will join my family for a long weekend during which we’ll reconnect and catch up over a traditional holiday meal. I cherish the time together. It means everything to watch my mom read my daughter a book, hear my dad tell her half-true stories, and watch my baby brother acquiesce to her games of dress up. As I watch her revel in the attention, I also see how she stands on the shoulders of all of us.

In today’s newsletter, we are sharing the story of Beatrice, who now has the chance this Thanksgiving to wrap her son in the embrace of her own family. Having suffered years of abuse by her son’s father, it was not an easy path to this holiday season, and not one that clearly led toward spending Thanksgiving with her son. I’m so thankful that Beatrice found Erika, her LACLJ attorney, who helped her secure sole custody of her child. Hearing Beatrice’s story reminded me how high the stakes are for our clients. It’s not just a court order. It’s where her son will spend the holidays. It’s knowing he will be safe and that he will be surrounded by people who love him and will help him thrive. That’s what we all want for our children.

I asked Erika what kind of Thanksgiving she thought Beatrice would have. She said it would likely be small – maybe an extended family member or two – but there would be a nice meal and the immediate family would be together. And that’s what Beatrice wanted most.

Thank you for all you do to make stories like this one possible.

In gratitude,