Shriver Custody Project

LACLJ’s Shriver Custody Project is a collaboration between LACLJ, Levitt & Quinn (link opens to and the Los Angeles Superior Court that provides free legal representation to low-income parents in high-conflict custody disputes. The project prioritizes cases where one side is represented by a lawyer and the other is not, as well as cases involving domestic violence or where there are other significant barriers to accessing the court. As the Project is a partnership of two law firms, the Project is available to offer representation to both sides in a custody case.

More Info About the Shriver Custody Project:

The Shriver Custody project is funded by the Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act (AB590 2009) which created pilot projects to provide legal services to low-income people in cases involving critical livelihood issues like housing, child custody, and family guardianship. The law made California the first state to move toward a civil right to counsel.

For more information about the Shriver Custody Projects, click here. (Opens PDF summary of Custody Projects)