Attorney, Teen/LA Program

What is sexual assault?
Sexual assault is any sexual contact that occurs without consent. It includes things like voyeurism, exhibitionism, sexual harassment, forced oral sex and rape. It doesn’t always involve physical force; someone can use threats or intimidation to make a victim feel afraid or unable to say no to sexual contact. It is also sexual assault if the victim is drunk, drugged, unconscious, too young, or otherwise unable to legally agree to sexual contact.

What is challenging about your work?
Working with young survivors, it’s challenging hearing some of the things my clients have experienced and learning how the trauma has impacted them. It’s also difficult when there isn’t any legal remedy that would help them get the things they want or need after the assault.

What is most rewarding about your work at LACLJ?
My clients are incredibly inspiring. I love working with survivors and supporting them. I also love working with young people and watching them grow over the course of our representation. Finally, I love that I get to practice in lots of different areas of the law. I’m always learning something new.

What might someone be surprised to know about your work?
Many young people are surprised to learn that survivors of sexual assault can retain their own attorney – that lawyers are not mandated reporters and that our services are confidential.

What is a common misconception about sexual assault?
Many people think that sexual assault is a crime committed by strangers. However, most victims are assaulted by someone they know: a friend, date, acquaintance, or boyfriend or girlfriend, and many victims are assaulted in their homes.

Share a fun fact about yourself.
I love young adult fiction, particularly dystopias. I read all the Hunger Games and Divergent series books.